Our programs

Our programs

We help and support children and their families in the US and 16 countries in Africa, Latin America, Asia, and Eastern Europe  at risk of illness, food insecurity, poverty, war, or natural disaster. World Emergency Relief provides practical help and empowers local organizations, hospitals and churches to meet current needs and develop long-term solutions to problems. Our focus is to combat hunger, provide medical assistance, improve access to safe water, advocate for equity in education, and respond to natural disasters. 


Children's Food Fund

WER addresses food insecurity in many of the world's most impoverished countries to effectively meet the various needs of impoverished and displaced children. Thanks to our partnerships with food suppliers and corporate donors, every dollar you donate can multiply its impact by a factor of 12. 

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food distribution

Native American Emergency Relief

Since 1992, WER has provided critical assistance to children, elderly, disabled, and poor families on the Native American Reservations. We distribute nutritious food, clothing, firewood, backpacks, school supplies, water barrels, and other necessities to Native Americans in need. 

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flood in asia

disaster response

We aim to respond immediately to victims of natural disasters and other catastrophes by providing practical help, food deliveries, and emergency aid.

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Clean Water

World Emergency Relief supports local efforts in Asia and Africa to provide clean water to poor communities for the prevention of waterborne illnesses and agricultural resources to fight crop failure due to drought.

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Debt child Cambodia


For poor children in Africa and Asia, education is a major obstacle to realizing a better future. WER sponsors classes in English, sewing, mechanics, and agriculture. We also feed and provide uniforms for school children to give them the best possible chance to excel in their studies. For many children, a school meal is their only meal of the day.

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Medical Aid

WER ships medical supplies to rural and other underserved communities around the world. Medicines and institutional support are known to significantly improve the local healthcare systems and the overall health of the communities they serve.

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