World Emergency Relief

World Emergency Relief

Help Feed Hungry Children • Asante Sana (Thank You)

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World Emergency Relief is committed to delivering vital humanitarian aid with a focus on addressing
the needs of hungry children, providing timely disaster relief, ensuring access to clean water,
promoting equity in education, and enhancing healthcare services for the underserved.

Please join us in Giving Children a Living Chance!
Malnutrition DR Congo

Fighting Hunger & Malnutrition

Inflation, violence, poverty, and failing crops are causing widespread food insecurity in DR Congo. ​Due to civil war, many children and their families have lost their homes and livelihoods. Countless children are so severely malnourished that they are at risk of death.

DRC orphans

Worldwide Support

Thanks to WER's generous donors, millions of children around the world have been helped since 1985. Over these many years we have stayed true to our mission and continue to address the extreme challenges of hunger, poverty, violence, access to clean water and healthcare around the world.

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Ukraine war children's are hungry

Ukrainian Relief

Children are the primary victims of the war in Ukraine. Their needs have never been so great. Please help them get food, blankets, clothing, and every day necessities like towels, soap, and toilet paper.

Good stewardship

Effectiveness & Efficiency

Based on our program model that leverages the food and essential items our corporate partners donate; we can stretch our operating budget and the impact of your dollar.

Good Stewardship

97.6% of expenditures went to Program Services in fiscal year 2021.
Hungernde Kinder in Africa

Children's Food Fund

Please help provide emergency meals to impoverished children in Africa and around the world. Many are suffering from acute malnutrition, while others are on the brink of dying from starvation. Refugees in South Sudan and Uganda often go without food, sometimes for many days.

contaminated water in Cambodia, WER

Water Filters for Rural Poor

In Cambodia, contaminated water is a major problem in rural villages. Children and vulnerable people with weakened immune systems are at particular risk of contracting waterborne diseases such as cholera, dysentery, and other parasitic illnesses.

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Congo medical mission lifesaving surgeries

Surgery for Sick Children

Together with our dedicated partners in Congo and Uganda, our local medical team, and the Adjumani Hospital, we are on a mission to save the lives of suffering refugee children.

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Navajo Nation needs water urgently

Navajo Nation: Water is Life

Water is essential for life and sacred to the Navajo. 30% of these First Americans lack access to running water in their homes – 90% where we work in Black Mesa. WER provides barrels for water hauling and installs water harvesting systems for communities in need.

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Support for the Future

Those looking to leave a lasting legacy, providing life-saving aid for at-risk children, can include World Emergency Relief (WER) in their last will and testament.

A gift for the future

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World Emergency Relief

Incorporated in 1985, World Emergency Relief (WER) is a Non-Profit Public Benefit organization. WER has ongoing projects both nationally and internationally. Our vision is to address children's critical needs of water, food, healthcare, education, and child safety, as well as the requirements of their families and surrounding communities.

World Emergency Relief is registered in states where required and is recognized by the IRS as a 501c(3) charitable organization.