Medical aid

Medical aid

Medicines and institutional support significantly improve healthcare. We build medical clinics to satisfy the needs of the remote areas we visit. We've established support in these inaccessible places providing medical attention and services for those who need immediate care. We also ship medical supplies to hospitals and medical centers worldwide.

DR Kongo Kind im Krankenhaus

DR Congo

Low-income families can't afford surgery or primary medical care for their seriously ill children. Without proper intervention, many children will suffer and even die.

Medical aid in Malawi


World Emergency Relief supports a hospital in the south of Malawi with medical and sanitary equipment and essential food. The doctors and staff are happy to have any space at all to care for the sick. 

Ukrainian refugees in Trannistria Moldova


WER has provided over $4.9 million in food, clean water, medical supplies, and Crisis Care Kits to tens of thousands of families who have lost everything in the invasion of their homeland.

Navajo Nation Medical Aid

Navajo Nation

World Emergency Relief supports various communities in New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah to ensure children's and their families health and physical well-being.

Sanitaere Hilfsgueter kommen an

Republic of Moldova

With support from our local partner, our goal with our shipments in Moldova is to reach people who suffer from poverty and lack needs, helping to improve their everyday lives.

Rumaenien distribution


In Romania, WER has sent several truckloads of disinfection supplies to various institutions, including orphanages, hospitals, institutions for the disabled, and vulnerable families and communities.

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