Clean Water

Clean Water

World Emergency Relief offers help during a drought by supporting local programs and villages in the U.S., Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe. We provide the population with clean drinking water to help prevent disease. WER brings clean water solutions using filters made of clay to remote jungles, includes water tanks, and delivers clean drinking water to rural drought areas. The solutions we bring and leave in remote areas are simple, easy to use, and do not require an advanced degree to keep them operational.
Cambodia water filters


Contaminated water sources and lack of adequate sanitation facilities are massive problems for poor rural communities in Cambodia. Safe, clean, bottled drinking water is something many people cannot afford. With water filters, we can stop diseases!

Ukrainian refugees


One of our main focuses in Ukraine is to address water filtration needs for families returning to rebuild their homes in Ukraine. With the help of our generous donors, WER is protecting vulnerable children and giving families hope for the future.

Water for Navajo Nation

Navajo Nation

Water is essential for life and has always been sacred to the people of the Navajo Nation. Many of their ancestral lands receive less than 10 inches of rain yearly. Unfortunately, clean drinking water is a rare commodity for them.

South Africa distribution

South Africa

South Africa's population is suffering from extreme drought. Hunger plagues the people, and, as in many African countries, children suffer the most. World Emergency Relief provides food and ample water tanks for drinking water.

Kenya watertanks


Droughts cause a shortage of drinking water in rural areas of Kenya. Previously, people dug for water in riverbeds and streams or traveled long distances to purchase water. With your help, we can provide water tanks for clean water.

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