World Emergency Relief wants to protect our donors’ wishes, including your privacy concerns. WER occasionally rents or exchanges portions of our donor lists. This is a common practice among charities, and helps keep our fund-raising costs lower. For WER, this is far more cost-effective in acquiring new donors (a goal we all seek) than magazine, newspaper, TV or radio advertisements. And many donors are interested in hearing about the important, unique and exciting services performed by other charities.

We collect only basic information about our donors: name and full address, and a history of donations (for our internal reference and to back up your tax records). If a donor gives us credit card information, it is securely stored. If donors voluntarily give us their telephone number, birth date or e-mail address, that information is also stored but not shared with others.

If we were to provide your name to another organization when we rent or exchange our donor list, only limited information would be disclosed: your name and address as it appears on our records, and the “donor select”—the portion of the list the other organization is requesting.

“Donor select” data is general information relating primarily to generic donor history. We would never supply your specific dates of donations, amounts given or credit card information, birthdays or other personal information. But, if an organization asked for “donors who gave at least $10.00 in the last six months”, your name might be included if you had indeed given at least $10.00 in the last six months. We also have several ways we keep your information secure from unauthorized individuals inside or outside of our organization:
  •    Our database is protected by multiple, encrypted passwords.
  •    Backup Data is stored, fully encrypted, with an authorized vendor who specializes in securely backing up and storing sensitive data.
  •    Our donor database is firewall protected and not connected to any penetrable network.
  •    Our credit card processing is state-of-the-art technology provided by our credit card companies and/or their related banks.
If you would like to check your personal data (it’s a good idea for tax record accuracy if nothing else), please contact us. If you would prefer that WER not rent or exchange your name and address with other charities, please let us know immediately so we can make the appropriate changes in our donor records. You can contact us in several ways:
  •   By writing to:
       Donor Services Manager
       World Emergency Relief
       425 W Allen Ave #111
       San Dimas CA 91773
  •   By faxing us at 909-593-3100
  •   By emailing us at info@wer-us.org
  •   By calling us at 909-593-7140 or (1.888.HUG-4-KIDS toll free) during our normal business hours (Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Pacific Standard Time)
  •   By sending a note with your next donation, asking to “opt out’ of our list rental programs
We will normally process your request within two working days after we receive it. Only authorized staff can make these changes on our database (another way we already protect you). Once we have fully processed your request, we will not include your name on any list that we rent or exchange after that date. However, because organizations often rent or exchange lists several months in advance, 6-12 weeks may pass before you stop receiving mail from other charities who have rented or exchanged our donor list.

When contacting us, please BE SURE to give your full name and address (including Zip). If you are “John Smith from Omaha” and we have two similar names in that city, we can’t respond to your request without more specific information.

THANK YOU for your consideration. We’re glad to help.