Our program is more than literacy awareness; it impacts the individual and the community. Each of us knows the value of an education. We know that it improves self-esteem, opens doors to better jobs, allows us to make informed decisions, and, most importantly, improves our overall quality of life.
English training center DRC

English training center

The WER-sponsored English Training Center (ETC) is a humanitarian approach to teaching English to the younger population, preparing them for international work, such as NGOs from around the world looking for translators in DRC. The teachers are former students who volunteer their time to give back to their community and the program. This program helps some of the most vulnerable people gain the skills needed to find jobs; the results have been remarkable.


vocational sewing program DR Congo

Vocational sewing project 

WER supports The Hand Work Initiative, a sewing project connected to ETC that produces handmade bags, creating jobs and promoting African culture using local fabrics and designs. The sewing team is now teaching 94 students and running a full-time store to display and sell their work. This year, we are expanding the program, partnering with a larger sewing school for seamstress/tailors, focusing on providing opportunities for the handicapped population by teaching them a trade that will help them to live independently. 

Kambodscha Kinder in der Schule

One hot meal a day

Feeding their children is a constant struggle for many Cambodians. Their income is insufficient to feed the family, so children often have to earn money. World Emergency Relief provides a regular hot meal at school for the students. It encourages many parents to send their children to school instead of working. With the support of donations, we will be able to continue with our program.


Sierra Leone Schulspeisung

Refugee school Uganda

Children make up almost two-thirds of the people living in cramped conditions in the overcrowded refugee camps in Uganda at the border with South Sudan. Due to South Sudan's warring conflict, many of them are orphans. In the brutal and cruel reality of the camps, children are often the last to receive food as people in the camp fight for every bit of food to survive. We send containers with nutrient-rich dry soups and rice packages so children can get a free meal at school. A guaranteed meal provides the incentive to go to school every day.

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