Native American Emergency Relief

Native American Emergency Relief

Native American Emergency Relief  is a program of World Emergency Relief that provides assistance to Native American populations with limited access to basic resources. We distribute food, water, blankets, and other necessities to Navajos, Hopis, Apaches, and Zunis as well as other tribes whenever possible. In the winter months, firewood is delivered to elders and households unable to chop and collect wood. And our "Water is life" and "Garden to Table" programs are sustainable ways to improve Native American lives. Thanks to our long-term relationships with community leaders we can provide assistance tailored for the unique needs of reservation life.

Please consider a monthly donation to provide help, hope and healing for Native Americans in need.

Navajo woman

Living in a "Food Desert"

Studies have found that Native Americans living on reservations spend more on food than average Americans, live on lower incomes than the general population and are more likely to live in a “food desert” with limited access to nutritious foods. In these areas, the detrimental health consequences of poor nutrition are among the highest in the nation and are only getting worse.

Gardening at the Navajos

Garden to Table

NAER is addressing the limited access to nutritious foods on the Navajo Reservation with community based, sustainable gardens, but we need your help to make our plan a healthy reality for Navajo families. Imagine the impact you will have by investing in the sustainable future of Native American communities. Your generosity will not only grow nutritious food, but T'áá hwó' ajίt'ér, self-reliance and self-determination for Navajos.

slide water barrels

Water is Life 

Life on the reservation is hard, but living without running water is just plain wrong! 30% of Navajos living on the reservation lack access to running water in their homes – 90% where we work in Black Mesa. NAER is on a mission to give Native Americans a helping hand by providing 55 gallon water barrels to "water haulers" – making the hardship of living without running water a bit more tolerable. 

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Give the Gift of a Backpack...

With Native American unemployment rates more than double the national average, we hope to lift the burden of purchasing backpacks and school supplies for the Native American families who can least afford it. Please consider sponsoring a backpack to give these kids a great start to the school year.

Navajo firewood distribution

Operation Firewood

Winter on the reservation is brutal with freezing temperatures and snowy, often impassable dirt roads. For Navajos living in remote areas like Big Mountain, where few have running water or electricity and families rely on wood burning stoves to heat their homes, Operation Firewood provides help, heat and hope to elderly and disabled households.

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