Famine in Africa


Hunger and Infirmity in Africa

Wherever there is poverty, there is hunger and suffering. This is the case in Africa, where countless children are currently so malnourished that their lives are in danger. Relentless civil wars, droughts and crop failures are causing water and food shortages of immeasurable proportions. More and more African children suffer from malnutrition, which in many cases leads first to illness and then to death. Currently, the lives of a large number of malnourished children are at risk!

World Emergency Relief sends life-saving shipments to Africa. Most importantly, we ensure that medical supplies are distributed to hospitals and clinics in poor countries like Mozambique and Malawi. Medicines for diarrhea, diphtheria, malaria and tetanus, as well as clean bandages or disinfectants can save the life of a sick malnourished child.

We need to act quickly and get more aid shipments on the way to Africa's hunger zones with food, medicine and other supplies that are essential for survival.


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