In lieu of gift events

There are many special occasions in our lives that give us pleasure and make us pause for a moment, like a birthday, a wedding, a baptism, a Bar mitzvahs, or an anniversary. With loved ones we love to celebrate such personal moments of life together. Material gifts often play a minor role. That is why these occasions are a wonderful opportunity to share your joy with needy people.

Children in the Congo Hoffnung fuer Kinder

In your next celebration, kindly ask your guests to donate to World Emergency Relief so you can share your joy with the disadvantaged people of our world.


If you want more information:

  • Call us at +1 909-593-7140 to receive a unique 'keyword' for your event to be used with donations.

Please include the following details in your invitations or advertisement and ask your guests to donate to your event:

World Emergency Relief

Credit card donations can be telephoned in at: 909-593-7140 
Toll Free: 888-HUG-4-KID (888-484-4543)
Transfer Funds:  Use keyword:  YourUniqueKeyword

We will let you know the total number of donations received, about three weeks after your fundraiser. For privacy reasons, we cannot give any details of the donations made, including names and gift amounts. 

Each donor whose address we have is provided with a personal "thank you" letter tailored to your event.

A donation basket or donation box can also be set up as part of your celebration. Once we are informed about the collection, we will arrange a keyword for you to transfer the funds to World Emergency Relief's account.