Donation in Bereavement

Malawi Kids
When a loved one leaves, it is a painful loss for us. In the time of mourning, we often wish to do something that would have been in the deceased's mind and will last beyond their death. Therefore, many ask for a funeral donation be made in memory of the deceased person instead of flowers or wreaths.

In the funeral announcement you can refer to this wish. If you want to raise donations for World Emergency Relief via In Lieu Of Gifts, inform the Undertaker.

The funeral home can indicate your wish in the obituary notice with the following information:

Instead of flowers and wreaths we ask for a donation in memory of the deceased:

Account Name:   World Emergency Relief

Credit card donations can be phoned in at: +1 909-593-7140 

Toll Free: 888-HUG-4-KID (888-484-4543)

Keyword: name of the deceased

Please inform us in advance  so that we can correctly assign all donations that we receive on the occasion of a memorial service.
  • You are welcome to contact us by phone +1 909-593-7140, email:, by post or via our contact form ‚Äč.
  • Three weeks after the funeral service, we will inform you of the number of donors and the total donation amount. For reasons of data protection, we do not show the names of the individual donors.
  • All donors whose addresses we have will receive a thank you letter from us.