Disaster response

Disaster response

We aim to respond immediately to children and their families who have been victims of natural disasters and catastrophes with practical help, food, and emergency aid. We work in flooded areas, with communities consumed by raging wildfires, and deep in the hollers of Appalachia to bring food and other disaster relief supplies to those affected.
US disaster relief

Turkey-Syria earthquake

Many families have been separated, hundreds of homes have been destroyed, and necessities like food, clean water, and shelter are in short supply. As aftershocks tremble the earth and nerves, thousands are dead and thousands more are suffering in the bitter cold. Please help us deliver critical supplies survivors need to heal and recover.

Malawi Kinder holen Wasser


Because of the fatal effects of the El NiƱo phenomenon, which brought drought and flooding into many regions in Africa, countries such as Malawi are asking for international aid. WER supports many areas with vitamin-enriched soups, rice, seeds for agriculture, and sanitary supplies.

US disaster relief

US disaster relief

With the support of generous donations, World Emergency Relief makes critical food distributions possible to the Native Americans living in the Navajo Nation. During the frigid winter months, firewood is added to the distribution. Continued support through donations is urgently needed.

Ukraine war children are hungry

Crisis in Ukraine 

WER is responding by assisting refugees in Poland, Moldova and internally displaced people in Ukraine. We have provided over $4.9 million in urgently needed food, water, medical supplies, and Crisis Care Kits to tens of thousands of families. More is required immediately.

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