Covid-19 in Africa

Covid-19 in Africa

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing significant problems for many African countries. These countries are reeling from a flawed health care system, hunger caused by droughts and floods, and the loss of work due to lockdowns. The virus knows no borders and spreads all over Africa. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), borders to neighboring countries are closed. Cities like Bukavu, in the east of the country, are severely affected by economic constraints. Our partners in DR Congo, Malawi, and Sierra Leone urgently ask for help since hygienic measures must be initiated, and the population must be provided with food.
Corona Waisenkinder Kongo

Protect orphans

The orphanage close to Dr. John's clinic in the Democratic Republic of the Congo can no longer guarantee for enough food for the orphans, due to the covid-19 pandemic and the restrictions in the country.​

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Hygienemaßnahmen für Kinder Afrika

Malawi: Clinic in need

The world is facing a major challenge because of the corona virus. Malawi is not spared from the problem. With 18 million residents, there are approximately 30 intensive care beds in the country.

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Corona Schutz Händewaschen Afrika

Sierra Leone: Covid-19 aid

In poor areas, such as the Kailahun district in the east of the country, people are at great risk from the corona pandemic. There is a lack of clean water, sanitizers and protective suits for hospital staff.

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Schutz gegen Coronavirus Afrika

Covid-19 in Africa

Weak health systems, food shortage and scant financial resources for medical equipment are some of many reasons, why the covid-19 pandemic fears catastrophic effects in almost every country in Africa.

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